What's Included


Free Retakes

Is there a limit? NO

It is always good to refresh on what was learned in a training session. Repeated exposure not only broadens one's experience and skills, but also opens the mind to things that may not have been picked up the first time.

Email or call the office to request a retake of a course previously taken and we will enroll you and send a confirmation email.

customized manuals

Our goal is to deliver the most efficient training that can be incorporated in YOUR day to day work practice.Our team customizes manuals based on your training needs and goals.




KEYBoard shortcut sheets

Part of increasing proficiency in any software program is learning keyboard shortcuts. While we teach using the conventional method, we also incorporate some shortcuts to increase speed and performance productivity.



Our trainers each come with over 10 years experience in corporate computer training. They are patient and flexible, each engaging the group to help make the training both beneficial and enjoyable for each participant.



Access to practice workbooks

Attending training is the first step in building and improving your computer software skills. Practice is key to reinforcing and implementing it in your work routine.

We give students access to their class workbooks along with their finished version and the answer key version following class so that they may practice what they learned.

follow up support

Sometimes we get stuck on a topic and have questions of "How did you do that?" or "How did you get that answer?"

While we have free retakes to help refresh the training learned, sometimes schedules do not permit to come in for another class.

That's when we have free support to help.

Clients can email or call us with their follow up questions-We ask that questions don't take more than 30 min time.



Certificate of Completion for every class

We provide certificates of completion at the end of each class via email. Upon request, we can print your certificate as well.

CLASS Location

Classes are held at the following address:

71 West 23rd St, Ste 515         

New York, NY 10010




We offer coffee, tea, water and candy throughout the day.

There is a 1 hour lunch break along with 2 smaller breaks in the morning and afternoon session.

New York Computer Training Solutions LLC