Private Training Rates

Our Private Training is designed to cater to your business needs and goals. We take the time to gather all necessary information to put together a comprehensive training that can be applied to the workplace.




customized manuals

Our goal is to deliver the most efficient training that can be incorporated in YOUR day to day work practice.Our team customizes manuals based on your training needs and goals.

KEYBoard shortcut sheets

Part of increasing proficiency in any software program is learning keyboard shortcuts. While we teach using the conventional method, we also incorporate some shortcuts to increase speed and performance productivity.




Training can be booked at our location or yours.

With busy schedules, we understand the convenience of onsite training. We ask that if booking at your location to have a conference room with computers set up for all participants. The computers must have the software indicated for training and internet access.


Our trainers each come with over 10 years experience in corporate computer training. They are patient and flexible, each engaging the group to help make the training both beneficial and enjoyable for each participant.

New York Computer Training Solutions LLC