• Must know how to create and save files

  • Must know how to minimize and maximize screens

  • Must know basic computer terminology (i.e. Desktop, USB, hard drive)

  • Must know mouse functions (Right Click/ Left Click)

  • Must know keyboard keys and their locations

  • Must know how to use email and internet

Excel Level 1 Outline

Lesson 1-Intro to Excel UI

  • Blueprint of an Excel Workbook

  • Navigation: Workbook/Worksheet

  • Selection techniques

  • Save an Excel Workbook

  • Popular Shortcut keys

Lesson 2-Enter Labels, Numbers

  • AutoFill text and numbers with Fill Handle

  • AutoFill Options

  • Create a Custom list for AutoFill

  • Flash Fill

  • Find and Replace Text

Lesson 3-Move and Copy Data in Excel

  • Insert and Delete Rows/Columns

  • Resize the column’s width and row’s height

  • Hide/Unhide Rows/Columns

  • Insert and Delete Worksheet

  • Renaming an Excel Worksheet

  • Apply a color to the Sheet tab

  • Move and Copy an Excel Worksheet

Lesson 4-Create a simple formula in Excel

  • What comes first? -PEMDAS

  • Create a “complex” formula

  • The syntax of an Excel function


  • AUTOSUM command aka Alt + =

  • Switch Reference: Relative vs Absolute cell references

  • Linking Worksheets

    • Formula Across

  • Worksheets/Workbooks

    • 3D Referencing

Lesson 5-Font formatting commands

  • Apply a background color in a cell

  • Add and customize borders

  • Number formats

    • General

    • Number

    • Date

    • Currency vs Accounting

    • Percentage

    • Special

  • Horizontal and Vertical Alignments

  • Merge and Centering Cells

  • Wrap Text

  • Indentation

  • Use Cell Styles and Conditional Formatting

  • Format Painter

  • Find and Replace Formats

Lesson 6-Excel List Structure

  • Single Level vs. Multi-Level Sort

  • Use AutoFilter to extract data

  • Generate Subtotals in a List

  • Freeze Panes to lock specific area

  • Convert a List to a Table

Lesson 7-Charts and Graphs

  • Create a Column chart

  • Add/Remove and Modify Chart Elements

  • Move chart to a different location

  • Create Pie Charts

  • Create a combination charts

  • Create Mini Charts

    • Sparklines

    • Data Bars

Lesson 8-Printing

  • Print Preview

  • Alter Margins, Orientation, and Scale

  • Repeat Titles on every Printed page

  • Work in Page Break Preview/Page Layout Views

  • Header and Footer

  • Print with Gridlines

  • Mark area for Print


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