• Must know how to create and save files

  • Must know how to minimize and maximize screens

  • Must know basic computer terminology (i.e. Desktop, USB, hard drive)

  • Must know mouse functions (Right Click/ Left Click)

  • Must know keyboard keys and their locations

  • Must know how to use email and internet

Access Fundamentals Outline

Lesson 1-Orientation to Access

  • Intro to Database and Database Objects
    • Plan a Database
    • Create a Database
    • Determining Tables and Fields
    • Naming tables and fields
    • Identify the Primary key
    • Select Data Types for the fields
  • Create a Table
    • Table in Design View
    • Table in Datasheet View
      • Add Records to a Table
      • Resize the table’s column and row
      • Include Totals in a Datasheet
      • Change the Colors and Font in a Datasheet
      • Change Gridlines in a Datasheet
  • Preview and Print the data values of a Table

Lesson 2-Importing and Exporting Data

  • Import or Link Data from other Files
    • In a New Table
    • Append in an existing table
  • Import and Excel Worksheet
  • Modify the Table’s structure

Lesson 3-Creating more database objects

  • Create More Database Objects
  • Create Queries
  • Use the Query Wizard for Simple Query
  • Update content in the Query
  • Use a Criterion in a Query
    • Multi-values on a one Row of a Query
    • Multi-values on multiple rows of a Query
  • Run a Query

Lesson 4-Creating Forms

  • Create Form
  • Use the Form Wizard
  • Enter/Edit and Delete Records
  • Record Navigation Bar
  • Print Current Record
  • Create an AutoForm by preselecting the source Data
  • Form’s 3 views

Lesson 5-Creating simple reports

  • Create a Simple Report using the Wizard
  • Organize data on the report using Layout View
  • Modify Report Column Headings and Resize Columns
  • Preview a Report
  • Create an AutoReport by preseleting the source data
  • Report’s 4 views

Lesson 6-Maintaining a Database

  • Maintain a Database
    • Search for a Record
    • Use Find and Replace
  • Filter Records
    • Filter by Selection
    • Toggle a Filter
    • Filter by Form
    • Advance Filter/Sort
  • Alter the Table’s Structure
    • Field Properties
      • Change a Field Size
      • Specify a Required Field
      • Specify a Default Value
      • Create a set pattern=Input Mask
      • Validation Rule to control data entry
    • Use a Lookup Field
    • Boolean Field-Yes/No

Lesson 7-Relationships

  • Establish Relationship between tables
    • One to Many Relationship
    • One to One Relationship
    • Many to Many Relationship
  • Referential Intergrity
    • Specify Referential Integrity
    • Effect of Referential Integrity
  • Save Relationship Window
  • Edit and Delete Relationship






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